Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to Kate's MathLand

Welcome to Kate's MathLand. This is my first adventure in blogging, and I hope you will enjoy it with me.

MathLand is what I call my classroom. Students find their way through MathLand as the year progresses by attending class, completing work, and acquiring new skills. The more successful they are, the better grade they earn, and the more status in the class they gain. It is a complicated system, but so far it is working.

As if MathLand weren't complicated enough, it also has to be a place that makes high school level math as relevant and interesting to the students as possible, while meeting state standards and using best practices, too.

So, MathLand isn't just a classroom management system, or a curriculum delivery system, or a blog. It is an environment. And hopefully, through this blog and learning experience, it will continue to grow, evolve, and adapt to what this teacher and her students can do.

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Sunshine said...

I like your idea on Mathland. I would be interested in seeing it.